4 Pros And Cons Of Sew-in Hair Extensions: Are They Worth It?

Sew-in hair extensions are an ideal choice for women longing for a long-term solution for their hair.

They are attached to your natural hair by braiding your hair at the base to sew in the wefts of hair with a thread and needle.

The strong stitch of the extensions saves you from unnecessary maintenance costs.

You can swim and shower with these and even get them colored like your natural hair.

The best fact about sew-in extensions is their non-slip weave that allows the user to stay safe and free from damaging glues and extensive heat.

You can let your tresses lose with these extensions and even achieve the high pony-tail look without dividing your hair into two sections!

To help our readers make an educated decision about sew-in hair extensions, we at Infinity Beauty Bar have come up with a comprehensive list of pros and cons to get things going!

Pros Of Sew-in Hair Extensions

Minimal Damage

Sew-in hair extensions are the safest method of achieving a desired length of hair artificially.

The use of vertical braiding across the head allows the user to remain free.

Since the weave is literally sewn into the natural hair, it only affects the hair that carries it.

These extensions will not slip off in your sleep. 


The sew-in extensions allow you to be carefree about hairstyling and maintenance.

They stay put for six months plus if you get an expert to sew the extensions.

An experienced hair technician like those on our team at Infinity Beauty Bar will last long with minimal care!

Since these extensions are available in all hair types, you can match them with your natural mane. 


If you don’t plan to invest a lot in your hair, then these sew-in extensions can prove to be your best bet!

They don’t leave a hole in your pocket that is as large as the one achieved from chemical treatments.

If you desire volume and length, then this is the most cost-effective method for you!

Cons Of Sew-in Hair Extensions


The application of these extensions takes several hours. Prolonged use of tight braids can lead to traction alopecia as well, but that happens in sporadic cases.

If you style your hair too harshly with extensions, then you can get discomfort and headaches for a temporary period.

Final Thoughts

When you get sew-in extensions attached to your hair, then the direct costs include extensions and application charges by the beauty technician.

Since you can casually wash your head with these extensions, it saves you the cost of expensive washes at the salon!

You can brush and comb your hair fearlessly and even play hairstylist without fearing any damage to your sewn locks.

At Infinity Beauty Bar, we offer the most affordable sew-in extension service. If you are looking forward to getting extensions weaved into your hair, we welcome you with open arms! Book an appointment today to get the dream hair you’ve always longed for!